Whether you are part of our competitive team, need an authentic strength gym to train at or Just want to get in the best shape of your life, we have a package for you!

All of our packages are 6 month contracts to ensure that you spend enough time with us to reach your goals! 

Unlimited!... wait really?!

Personalized Program - Your program will be written for you weekly based on your goals and needs. 

Coaching at Every Session - When you sign in during coaching hours, you will receive personalized coaching in our team environment. 

Mobility and Weight Loss Goals - We aren't just your lifting coaches, we will assist you with what you eat and how you move.

Did we mention you can come whenever you want? We did? Ok good, just making sure! 

3 Times Per Week


Not Much Has Changed - Same deal as the Unlimited plan, except you get 3 coaching sessions per week instead of unlimited. All of the same perks apply.

This package will suit those just starting out and need a new regimen to follow.  



1 Time Per Week


All the same perks still apply!

Perfect for those that need a tune up to their normal routine, help with workouts OUTSIDE of Wolff Athletics and more!




STCF Wolff Pack

This membership is only available in conjunction with the Steamtown Crossfit "Steamtown Wolff Pack" membership. Enjoy unlimited Crossfit classes and personalized Olympic Weightlifting programming and coached sessions with a 6 month contract. You must sign 6 month contracts with both Steamtown Crossfit and Wolff Athletics to enjoy the discounted rate of $170 a month. You will be billed $85.00 by both businesses on the first of each month.  


Ask about our student, fire, EMS and military package!