Harrison Wolff

Harrison is an Olympic Weightlifting Coach. For five years he has dedicated himself in the study, practice and art of Weightlifting and Coaching. He began his journey on his own by training as a Weightlifter (which he still does), to better understand the sport he loves. He started his formal education at the University of Scranton, by taking courses in strength and conditioning, coaching and anatomy. He graduated with a degree in Psychology, which became more useful to him as his coaching skills progressed. He then went on to receive his USA Weightlifting Level 1 certification. After this, he realized he was meant to coach others. He worked for a local high school as the Strength Coach for their varsity basketball team. He has assisted professors at the University of Scranton to coach Weightlifting to Exercise Science students. He then went on to get his USA Weightlifting Level 2 certification at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. He had the privilege to work with the countries best athletes. Harrison then traveled to Los Angeles for over 3 weeks to complete the only Olympic Weightlifting coaching internship in the country with legendary USA Weightlifting Hall of Fame Coach, Bob Takano. He completed over 100 hours of hands on experience and passed the necessary exams required.  Harrison is currently under the tutelage of Jim Storch as both an athlete and a coach. Some of Harrison's athletes have state records and have competed nationally. He continues to further his knowledge in physics, biomechanics, anatomy, coaching, programming, coaching and psychology regularly. His love for psychology has given him a unique perspective on how to coach. Harrison has worked with hundreds of clients interested in Olympic Weightlifting and brought dozens to competition. His goal now is to bring athletes to the international stage and to continue to spread his love for Weightlifting to others, especially the youth in his beloved hometown of Scranton, PA.